Infiniti C Central boutique coffee shop

Hong Kong’s first 100% keto gluten-free cake bakery cafe

INFINITI C, the first 100% keto gluten-free coffee shop in Hong Kong, provides the public with a range of healthy eating and vegetarian options. The meals are mainly slow-cooked and lightly seasoned, and include a variety of ketogenic gluten-free cakes and breads, vegan meals and staple food; suitable for people with high blood sugar, gluten-sensitive people and babies. The design theme of the Nan Fung store in Central is inspired by flowers and chess, and brings out a romantic atmosphere through the beautiful floral murals.

The store launches a variety of "limited time" cakes and breads from time to time, as well as its own fermented kombucha drink series and ketogenic drink series. A fresh and unburdened dining experience, suitable for you who are losing weight and advocating health!

Infiniti C

Cafe adopts a leisurely and comfortable literary style, mainly providing gluten-free, ketogenic, vegan and low-glycemic cakes, breads and staple foods; paired with homemade coffee, it presents sub-health, Ketogenic diet and Gluten-free food culture to everyone. .

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